Major faux pas rebooting into old firmware

I have previously reported issues with throughput on a Surf SOHO. I have authorization to RMA the unit but ran across a report where a user ugraded from 8.0.0 firmware to 8.0.2 and experienced a significant speed drop (although not on a SOHO).
Well, with the ability to easily switch back to old firmware I decided this was worth a quick test, selected firmware 8.0.0 and rebooted.
Imagine my surprise when my setups (such as networks set up) also flipped over to the old version. I have since reconfigured pretty much everything and do not have notes of my previous (temporary during initial experimentation after setting up this new router) passwords.
I find myself effectively locked out and my computer does not have an ethernet connector to do a direct connection (unknown if that would help at all).
Soooo, how can I get back to my 8.0.2 firmware configuration after making such a stupid error? I do not want to just try a power cycle because ‘trying’ got me into this mess to begin with.
BTW, I don’t think I have ever seen a situation where a firmware change impacted the configuration of the device. I expect firmware to be in one ‘bucket’ and configuration being in another ‘bucket’, independently from each other. I am sure there is a reason for this behavior but it sure caught me off guard :frowning:


Please check this forum post that will explain the config in the firmware boot.

May i know the device is manage via IC2 ? If yes, you can download the config from IC2.

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I did have IC2 active for a while as I was exploring things. I am thinking I should be able to do a factory reset and then grab the last configuration from IC2 to restore most if not all settings.
I will give that a try tomorrow.

Thank you very much !

All fixed up … took a while to find the configuration in IC2 but I found it and all is good :slight_smile:

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This caught me off guard too as without thinking about it, I was thinking that settings would be separate from firmware.

On the other hand, now that I know this is how it works, it has a benefit in that it’s like a “snapshot image” of the device, so if your settings don’t change very often, you have a way to go back to a “known working” snapshot where everything will be the way it was when it was previously. So there is a benefit too.

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Yes, I can certainly see the utility … but to me it would make more sense to separate firmware from configuration which is what the rest of the world does.
It is what it is, now that I know about it I will hopefully remember it next time :slight_smile:

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