MAC OS X configuration issues

Hi !
I downloaded the FusionHub_Eval_Guide.pdf but there is no link or URL specified so I guessed it with no success. I logged in InControl but I was not able to identify the interface shown in the Guide. Did I used a “different” URL ? Can you please specify that URL and maybe put it in a new version of the manual… ?



I did have some trouble getting in in my Mac, it was flaky. After registering for the first time I received a verification email that took me nowhere, later on I got a form and tried to use the verification code but no response.

Hi HG, please advise whether you were stuck in the following screen ?

a similar one, when I entered the Verification key it remained “thinking”… anyway I tried to enter with the user ands password that I used during registration and it worked, but the interface is so different than the one shown in the Guide… can you please send the proper URL ?