Mac authentication with DHCP OPALE 802.1x


Does Peplink support the 802.1x Opale including the mac address authentication ?
And if not, does it support the Dhcp Opale with port security?

In advance thanks for your help.


Can you try to elaborate further on the environment and the requirement? Probably a conceptual diagram to illustrate what you trying to achieve with Peplink, would definitely help us to better understand the scenario.

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Our customer (FrencH MOD) only want to know if the local ethernet port support the protocol 802.1x to get authentication by using the mac address?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Kaliwax,

Believe you are looking for Port based security. This mostly happen/implement in switch instead of gateway device. Therefore Peplink does not support this feature. You may look for the switch that support this feature in the market.

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HD-4 has 8ports, makes it a switch. Especially in mobile environment
Any news on this?