MAC address Filtering

I have several BALANCE devices with different clients for whom I manage the network remotely, what I can currently filter is the IP addresses I am in, which I can access to manage the devices, via the Internet. My problem is that I am on the road a lot, and often required to manage the devices remotely from cafes, restaurants, etc., what I would like to do in addition in terms of information security, is to confirm only my laptop, using the MAC address, is this possible? And if so I would love a tutorial.
Thanks in advance for the answers.

Are you accessing the web ui over the internet via the devices own public IP? I would recommend you don’t and instead manage them via IC2 (and using 2FA) with the remote web admin tool:

Otherwise a lot of us carry a MAx device when we’re on the road for remote support. You could set up PEPVPN profiles for each customers balance and then enable just the one you need to access.

In both cases above you can disable access to the web admin interface via the WAN on the customer devices.

Finally - a third option is to setup client VPN on each balance router and then create a software VPN in from your remote device to the balance you want to manage.

I think Mac address rules would only work when devices are on the same layer 2 as the device – otherwise, only the "previous hop"mac address would ever be visible.

If you have a static IP at home, why not use your own IP as the “allowed address” and then just PepVPN to your house and then route the management traffic through there? Your firewall exclusions at your house would be very open, but all of the “client” devices would only be accessible through your single WAN IP. You could create VPN tunnels to their devices and then access their admin site from their lan side. I imagine you would want to maintain a list of IP, username, and passwords since I wouldn’t think you could have them all configured concurrently (I want to say their is a limit on PepVPN links based on product)