MAC address conflict: Received packet claiming to be from our MAC address

Peplink 20x (Balance-D660) is showing a regular stream of this message in the event log:
MAC address conflict: Received packet claiming to be from our MAC address (our LAN mac address)

I saw one other post where it may be a networking loop, but I wanted to see if that is the common thought or if there are other ideas about what is causing this. It does not appear to be causing problems on the network, but I want to clear it and be sure it’s not.

The only time I have seen this message is when I had some meshed APs start acting up.

I imagine that thing is running a bit slower than usual.

If you have manually set any Mac addresses on the network, make sure that you didn’t accidentally assign the same address as you router.

We use the internal AP but not a mesh of devices. No MAC addresses are manually set, nor do devices appear in the client list with the same MAC. The event log does not show a consistent pattern. It may show about 30 log posts in 2-3 minutes, and then it won’t show anything for 45 minutes.

@FlyingPreacher, One of your LAN devices is causing the issue. I had this same thing happen a few months ago when they turned this option back on in the event log. I was able to track it down to one of the IP cameras I had installed. Not sure why it was having an issue, it was a really old camera, but as soon as the network cable was unplugged the issue went away.

Not sure how many devices you have, but I started at the router and worked my way back, unplugging each cable, then the switches, and then isolating it to the exact device. Hope this helps.