MAC Access list and MAX Speed

This is for the Peplink Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3. I see that the AP section can allow you to deny/allow MAC address for devices. However, for the LAN, I can not find this option or a way to just allow certain devices to use the LAN. Can anyone guide me with how to do that?

Also is it true that the max speed for the router is 120 Mbps? If so why have the option for 100/1000 for the ports?

Are you talking about the Ethernet LAN clients? You could just unplug the cable or even disable the ports altogether. Otherwise you could kill the DHCP server and put a static IP address on everything.

The gigabit ports are there so the LAN clients can communicate at gigabit speeds, like from your PC to a NAS device for example.


Thank you, sorry for the real late reply.

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