M/Y Fortunate Sun Case Study

Source: https://frontierbv.nl/case-studies-en/m-y-fortunate-sun-en/?lang=en

M/Y Fortunate Sun | The best connection between Europe and America.


Owners and guests were not happy with the slow internet speeds provided by their previous solution. They also need to have 4G LTE service when traveling across Europe, Caribbean and the US.


2x MAX BR1 LTE routers are installed onboard M/Y Fortunate Sun in combination with two high-gain omnidirectional cellular antennas. MAX BR1 LTE is installed in the mast to reduce cable runs and signal loss, with external antennas for the best possible performance.


Enjoy reliable and secure connections no matter where they are.

Specification highlights


WAN: 2x fast ethernet and 1x embedded LTE
LAN: 2-port fast ethernet switch
Supports redundant SIM slots (One SIM as active. One SIM as backup.)

DA 1264 world wide omni 9dBi antenna

Gain: 4-9 dBi
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Bandwidth VSWR: Bandwidth VSWR: less than 1.5: 1 695-3000 MHz
Radiation pattern: omni directional

Times LMR 400 cable

Length: 40 feet
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Connectors: N/SMA connectors

One MAX BR1 LTE equipped with an US SIM card for LTE in America. One MAX BR1 LTE equipped with an European SIM card for LTE in Europe.

DA 1264 world wide omni 9dBi antenna covering 695-3000 MHz in a compact design with UV stable polyurethane finish.