Luxury Super Yachts Connectivity

Demand for Internet connectivity on yachts has increased steadily over the past few years. While getting online isn’t an exact science, finding a cost-effective solution with connection flexibility, reliability, cost management that is also capable of providing plenty of bandwidth is no easy task. We’ve collected a few case studies from around the world to showcase how our cellular routers have helped achieve this. For a detailed network design walk-through on how you can achieve similar deployments, be sure to read our Design Lab post here.

North America

These days, luxury yacht connectivity goes beyond simply getting online. Jes Sea, a yacht servicing company more than demonstrates this by equipping the M/Y Veloce with VoIP, Sonos multi-room speakers, AppleTV and a Crown network amplifier. Behind the scenes, a MAX HD2, 3 AP One Enterprise and a AP Flex via POE provides the network, using 2x LTE connections as well as Wi-Fi WAN.

Destinations: Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, US.

Deployment: MAX HD2, 3x AP One Enterprise, AP Flex with dual cellular amplifiers, InControl 2 fleet tracking

Fitted by: Jes Sea

Peplink yacht connectivity M/Y Veloce

Owners and guests were not happy with the slow Internet speeds provided by their previous solution. They also need to have 4G LTE service when traveling across Europe, Caribbean and the US. With the MAX BR1s in place, they now enjoy reliable and secure connections no matter where they are.

Destinations: Europe, Caribbean, US.

Deployment: MAX BR1 LTE EU, MAX BR1 LTE US, with 2 high gain omni-directional cellular antenna

Fitted by: Axxess Marine

The Captain wanted to improve the data services for the owner, guests and the crew. With the HD4, cellular connections are bonded together and data is encrypted over SpeedFusion VPN. As a bonus, it is possible to access media streaming services from outside of the IP geolocations that are typically served by them.

Destinations: Europe, Caribbean, US.

Deployment: MAX HD4 LTE EU / US, SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding on average achieves up to 80Mbps

Fitted by: Axxess Marine

Peplink yacht connectivity limitless


As the Albatros traveled in the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas, they needed to provide guests with fast and reliable Internet while seamlessly transitioning between different cellular providers. With 2x MAX BR1 LTE equipped with redundant SIM slots, they were able to keep the yacht connected while 7x AP One AC Mini delivered fast and strong Wi-Fi throughout the vessel.

Destinations: Mediterranean, Caribbean.

Deployment: 2x MAX BR1 LTE with redundant SIM for maximum coverage, 7x AP One AC for Wi-Fi Delivery, 1x Balance 580 to Manage Wi-Fi Network

Fitted by: Seasatcom

Asia Pacific

Sometimes simply getting online is not quite enough. The owners of this luxury motor yacht wanted VoIP as well. Connections are prioritized from least to highest cost networks such as Wi-Fi (as WAN) so it’s geared toward being cost-effective and it’s easy to minimize overage charges from cellular or VSAT providers. InControl also provides the owner with an easy way to remotely review the yacht’s location and connection configurations.

Destinations: Singapore, Indonesia.

Deployment: MAX BR1 LTE, InControl Fleet Management

Fitted by: Kin Marine

Peplink yacht connectivity Dester