LTE to Ethernet WAN Questions

Hey guys,

I have a setup that I would like to do and don’t know if it’s feasible. I have 1 Cable 100/30 /29 public. I want to have 2 LTE SIMS embedded into one of the MAX devices and have them bond their bandwidth but also fail-over within the MAX. From the MAX device it will be Ethernet to my WAN 2 on my B380.

  1. Is there a relatively small MAX device with 2 embedded LTE SIM capability that has Outbound Policies feature, and Speedfusion?
  2. Could I or could I not bond my 2 LTE connections together within the MAX with Speedfusion to my B380 WAN 1 Cable interface?

Let me know if this makes sense.

I basically want to be able to have minimum 2 LTE in MAX device fail-over within the MAX and have all of those LTE connections at the same time bond their bandwidth so that I am not limited to only 1 LTE connections bandwidth at one time but rather maximizing all LTE connections bandwidth to my B380 WAN 2 interface.




This should work.

B380 >>> HD2 Mini (2 Cells) >>> SF <<<(SF Device).

For everything to work properly, you will just need to setup SF tunnel between the MAX device and a remote SF device.

Any traffic going out WAN 2 of the Balance 380 will go through HD2 bonded VPN then to the internet.

Thanks a lot Jarid.