LTE solution for the Oil & Gas industry by TECHfirm Canarias (Maritime 4G)

Just after her arrival in Las Palmas (Spain) end of August 2019, the Seadrill West Gemini drillship was looking for a 4G solution to complete her reactivation project ontime (warm stack).

As Peplink Maritime Partner, TECHfirm Canarias has been awarded to provide the service consisting in a SD-WAN implementation with VSAT/4G hot failover.

To allow a very quick deployment and reusing existing LMR400 cables, a Balance 30 PRO LTEA and a multi-IMSI SIM card (600+ LTE networks worldwide) have been delivered and installed onboard.

Less than 6 hours after order, the Peplink infrastructure was running onboard and monitored by our engineers bringing a game-changing bandwidth for the project needs.