LTE signal quality chart

where can I find a signal quality chart (i.e. ranges of RSSI, SINR, RSRQ, RSRP) that is tailored to the specific LTE modem I am using (MAX HD2 Mini LTEA)?
I am trying to figure out if the signal levels I have are good enough for a stable connection with reasonable network performance.

As a side note, it would also be very helpful to “prioritize” these four indicators - which of them is more important - when I look at generic charts, I see that my modem had from Excellent to poor signal quality (at the same time), depending which of the four indicators I am looking at.

Here you go:

RSRP is normally a good general indicator.

For reference:

SINR/SNR – The signal-to-noise ratio of the given signal.
RSRP – The average power received from a single Reference signal, and Its typical range is around -44dbm (good) to -140dbm(bad).
RSRQ – Indicates quality of the received signal, and its range is typically -19.5dB(bad) to -3dB (good).
RSSI – Represents the entire received power including the wanted power from the serving cell as well as all cochannel power and other sources of noise and it is related to the above parameters through the following formula:


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That, sir is just the info-gold I’ve been searching for on this topic! Thanks!

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The missing formula is:
RSRQ = N x ( RSRP ÷ RSSI )
RSRQ equals N times ( RSRP divided by RSSI ) and in some places writen as RSRQ=N*(RSRP/RSSI)
The value of N is the number of Resource Blocks of the E-UTRA carrier RSSI measurement bandwidth.

One of the most detailed & comprensive writings/posts I’ve seen on this topic is at

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Thank you for sharing!


So on the Pepwave the lower the number the better?