LTE SDWAN for the Oil & Gas industry

Background and Challenge

Lots of drill ships remain idle in the Canary Islands, the GoM and the North Sea due to COVID pandemic. Low latency connectivity solutions allow them to reduce their cost and keep their fleet “Ready for Drilling !”. Affordable connectivity solutions are key for Drilling/Survey companies to maintain their unit cost effectively! Indeed, Smart stacked units may be back at work before others (usually cold or warm stacked).


As Industry Digitalization leaders, Pacific Drilling chose TECHfirm Canarias to provide a VPN service from the Pacific Santa Ana (anchored in the Canary Islands) to their Headquarters based in Houston. The system delivered was based on the following Peplink products:

  • FusionHub appliance hosted on a VM in client’s datacenter
  • HD4-MBX Cat12
  • 2 x Puma antennas
  • Max HD1 Dome
  • Max BR1 IP67
  • PepVPN Speedfusion (with bonding and dynamic latency management features)


In this video, you can see how TECHfirm Canarias executed this project respecting O&G HSE standards and 4G setup best practices ! (you will notice that we provided temporarily a Balance20X waiting for the HD4-MBX to be delivered – so the client was able to save VSAT costs). Matching client’s expectation…