LTE / Sat Data mobile solution

Currently have multiple mobile units that use a router (not Peplink) to supply EITHER, data from the internal SIM or Data from an external input (satellite in this case).
question: is there an appliance that will combine the BW instead of an either/or scenario?

Hi @jweiser
You’ve come to the right place!
The setup you’re describing is exactly the solution Peplink looks to provide.
I think you’ll find the MAX and Transit lines to fit your deployments best as they have embedded cellular modules as well as Ethernet WAN ports which can be connected to the satellite equipment. Most have built in WiFi for users as well as an option to use WiFi as another WAN source like on a boat in a marina.
Depending on your needs, there are solutions that will allow traffic to use both connections at the same time, or if you’re finding that you have a single application that requires more bandwidth than either one of the connections has individually, you can use Bonding to turn the two smaller links into one larger one.
Chances are, if you have multiple users and applications, using the load balancing option would be a good start. But to take things to the next level, take a look into SpeedFusion. There you can start looking at things like Hot Failover meaning you can seamlessly move from satellite to cellular without interruption, Bonding, and WAN smoothing, to address packet loss and latency.


Topher, thank you very much. I will check out both the MAX and Transit lines.