LTE router recommendation for remote-controlled robotics application

I’m working on a remote-controlled robotics application which requires streaming video with minimal interruptions.

I would need a router with the following:

  • 2x LTE modems
  • in case one modem loses connectivity, the connection would immediately resume on the other modem
  • WiFi (use wireless connectivity when available)
  • GPS

Looking through the available products, I think that the “UBR LTE” might be the most suitable. Do you have any other suggestions or recommendations in terms of products and add-ons? Thank you :slight_smile:

The SFE is the smallest unit for a platform.

You would still use a seperate wireless ap.
Let me know if your interested in either and we can order if for you.

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Where are you based?
Also I have some very clever tech for streaming low latency video of off robots with variable bandwidth. Have a look: Vimeo

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For 2x cellular plus wifi WAN & GPS you could use the UBR, Max BR2 series or Transit Pro to start with.

With regard to your connection failover, using Speedfusion can do better than that with Hot Failover, and options for wan smoothing etc. See here: