LTE bonding on Max Transit Duo

I thought I had bonding setup but not certain. Currently only have access via InCintrol2. Can I verify it is set up? If not, can I set it up in InControl2 or do I need to be on the internal LAN (
Recommended steps?

Hi Imacy,

it’s not enough to have multiple WANs in the same priority. Speedfusion Bonding is a VPN-Technology. This means you need another device (physical or virtual) to terminate you connections and route packets to the desired destination. This can be another Peplink Router, a fusionhub hosted at your ISP or Peplink SpeedfusionCloud. This is a worldwide available prepaid service and it’s well embedded in current firmware.
If you already setup your speedfusion tunnel you see the connection on the dashboard of the local router. You can view the status under the Status Menu / Speedfusion.


What are you trying to achieve? Are you just trying to use of both modems via Load Balancing? Or Speedfusion Bonding? What is setup? Are you using Speedfusion Cloud? Have you configured a rule to send traffic to Speedfusion?

I will start by eliminating one of your questions - via incontrol you can get to the standard web admin panel via the “Remote Web Admin” function. Your not limited to just incontrol if your device is online then Remote Web Admin gives you access to the device-level UI.

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 7.52.07 AM

I am trying to set up binding over 2 cellular (AT&T , T-Mobie) connections. I got the Remote Web Admin and so far so good. I was right, I had it set up. But not activated for clients. So now it seems to be working as advertised. As I said, I am not at the location, so I can not do a SpeedTest to verify, but running the SFC Tests, it appears to be running faster. Time will tell.