LTE band 28 support


Hi there,

I’m wondering whether there is a glimmer of hope for the MAX HD2 Mini LTE to gain support for LTE band 28. The big mobile telcos here in Australia have rolled out a lot of cells operating on this band and its key to our business that our gear supports it. We are currently running the MAX on the GO using respective telcos supplied hardware (dongles) but if your MAX HD2 supported band 28 we would move to that router for sure.




Hi Andrew, we are probably 3-6 months out on a product that will support LTE Band 28 - stay tuned :up:


That’s very exciting! Thank you for getting back to me.



any updates on the Band 28 (700MHz) on all MAX series including MAX-TST?

i assume this requires change of hardware (chipset) but would like to double confirm with you???



As mentioned by Tim, LTE band 28 to be available in 3 - 6 months. Stay tuned.


Hi guys,
Any progress? We are at the 3 Month mark :wink: We need here in NZ also.



Hi Tim, any news?


Probably another 2 months out, hopefully sooner…


Can you share any info at all?


I will ask the team for an update…


Hi popupwifi,

We have double confirmed with the team, LTE band 28 will be on schedule which to be available in this quarter.

Thank you for your support!


Any update?


As mentioned here, this will be available in this quarter.



update TK please


As mentioned here, this will be available in this quarter.



Here in Australia we’d really like to see compatibility in a commercial industrial product for all of our local carriers, band 28 is just the start, any ETA on compatibility with this yet?
Thanks :slight_smile:


@TK - back in early June (a month ago to be exact) you mentioned that support for LTE Band 28 will be available by the end of the quarter. That quarter has now passed, just wondering any update on the product portfolio? Also, would it be available on the Balance 30-LTE router as well?


Hi Tim:

Any update on band 28 support on the MAX series (e.g. HD2)? Thanks!



Hardware for LTE Band28 is around the conner. In fact, we are currently waiting for the marketing process to make this official.

Please drop an e-mail to for any inquiries.

Thank You


Hello Peplink Team,
Just been looking for details on the new frequencies that are available on some of the MAX equipment, though there is noting available currently on the Peplink website in relation to the new Band 28 compatible devices.
Can we have some updated details on the new model numbers and available frequencies please?
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile: