LTE-A Verizon DNS/Routing Issues

Hey all – forgive the newbie question but my searches did not result in anything I could discern was a similar query.

My Data Plans: Verizon PUDP and AT&T Reseller plan from Mobile Must Have. My issue is with the Verizon connection.
Equipment: Pepwave BR1 Mini Dual Sim, GliNet Beryl as Wifi AP (no routing, all DHCP is at the pepwave)

Issue: When connected to Verizon over LTE-A (two bands, typically 4 and 13) I have random issues with new tabs in Chrome not able to connect to sites, both those cached and new searches. This happens to every computer in the rig, hardwired or over wireless (wireless is an access point doing nothing but wifi - GliNet Beryl.) This happens to both our macs and my Windows laptop. I have tried changing my DNS on the pepwave back and forth, from automatic (from carrier) to Google, to both, and to just Google or Cloudflare. It doesn’t change the behavior.

As someone who is on a lot of conference calls on Zoom for work, this issue does not impact my ability to stay connected to existing calls or VOIP like Discord but I have noticed that I will get dropped from port specific services while Gaming, causing me to end a round of Rainbow Six Siege and be told I need to re-connect to the servers to play my next match. It does not drop me mid round.

We are full time RVers so I can say this happens in numerous cities and states, but specifically seems to be related to when I’m on an LTE-A connection on Verizon. I can manually de-select the bands and go to a single band as I am now and the issue is gone.

This issue does not seem to happen when connected to LTE-A on AT&T. It could just be a weird NAT issue specific to Verizon but if anyone has any similar stories/hunches I’d be very grateful. Thank you!

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I have the same plans and am having the same problem - albeit with Firefox. Random SSL errors. At first I thought it was my laptop - but after complaining about the issue to my wife over dinner she let me know she’s seeing the same issue. After dinner I was able to replicate the problem in just under 5 minutes on her laptop.

I have tried turning off DNS caching - i originally thought that was the problem - i had not narrowed it down to a VZW DNS issue - this is helpful. I think I will run for 24 hours on AT&T/T-Mobile only and see how it goes.

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