LTE/3G switchover required

In HD2 software 6.1.0 build 2517, we running onto following problem:
Situation: two Cellular operators in use, Cellular1 in LTE only, Cellular2 in Auto mode, Speedfusion enabled.
Everything works OK, but due to traveling LTE coverage from one operator one of Cellular modules (that is configured in Auto mode) is lost sometimes. If then module restarts and goes up in 3G mode, it does not release 3G network (3G and LTE cells from operator overlap) even when LTE is back until the HD2 is restarted or admin logs onto HD2 and restarts Cellular module manually.
Please add a “watchdog” function to HD2 that would try to restart Cellular2 module after N minutes when switched from LTE over to 3G if it is configured to Auto mode and if Cellular1 is good (RSSI is better than X dBm, or some other link test shows it is good). After restart, LTE on Cellular2 is back and we have again maximum possible throughput available.

Thank you

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