Lowest Latency Outbound policy for SpeedFusion

Hi Guys,
we have a setup with more than 5 Datacenters in the world and a lot of offices and production sites (about 50).
Every office has a SpeedFusion Tunnel to each DC. Sometimes the latency from e.g. an office to a DC is very slow. If we route the traffic over another Datacenter it could be more than 70% faster.
There is now way to automate this as I know.
We have to change the (SpeedFusion) Cost manually to route the office over another Datacenter, now I have the big wish to use an outbound policy to make that with Peplink’s magic.

So I want to create an Outbound Policy with Lowest Latency or Fastest Responce Time settings for the Tunnels.

Here is a small picture. Every line is a Speedfusion Tunnel