Lowest latency Algorithm- How does it check the latency and can we configure the IP it should use for latency tests?


could someone please explain how the peplink router check the latency across the WAN links and what IP address it uses? If we install these products in a private network (MPLS/Private LTE), I believe we need to allow the IP address in the firewall.
Can we specify our internal IP addresses for the latency check?

Adnan Zafar

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Hi @adnan.zafar,

How the latency algorithm works is explained here.
“Periodic latency checking packets are sent to the WAN connection. Latency will then be determined by the response time of the second and third hops. The traffic matching this rule will be routed through the healthy WAN connection with the lowest latency.”

So in your case depends on where the 'second and third hops" are located: in the Internet or not.