Lower cost / economy shipping rates

As of Feb 2012 Peplink only offers expensive Fedex International Priority shipping.

When shipping with Fedex rack/standard rates, a 6.0kg Priority would cost us: HKD 1981.72 ≈ EUR 190,49
Peplink charges us EUR 150, this 21% discount is negotiated very well by Peplink for their customers.

Though when shipping with Fedex International Economy, a 6.0kg would cost us: HKD 1368.24 ≈ EUR 131,52
When Peplink would also receive a 21% discount for this shipment, Peplink could ship this parcel to us for EUR 103,90.
For only 2 days longer shipping we would love to save € 46 which is almost one third of the shipping charges.

Hongkong Post ‘Surface Parcel’, would even save us a lot more:
HKD 190 + HKD 160 insurance = HKD 350 ≈ EUR 33,64 + Fee for customs import paper work EUR 17,50 = EUR 51,14