Low Power / Standby Mode for MAX TRANSIT and HD series

We’re doing more and more autonomous and remotely monitored, driven, managed vehicle projects where I’m really missing a low power mode.

What I want is to be able to put a MAX into a sleep / standby mode, so that when the vehicle is not being used, the least amount of power is being consumed and then when something triggers it again (locally via I/O header or remotely via SMS) the MAX returns to full speed again.

Realize that will not be possible in current hardware iterations if at all but would request it gets considered for the future. At the moment we install a dedicated in vehicle UPS battery solution but this is a little cumbersome.


Deployed some temporary ANPR cameras on BR1 LTE-As today. Same issue. I could make the whole kit a third of the size (ie no need for generators or massive batteries) if I could put the BR1 into a low power standby mode (ie < 100ma) then wake it up and get connected to the internet (with pepvpn up) in <30secs

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Would you be able to use a local relay with I/O header? Could be done with something like an Arduino but this is still going to require power to keep it running and is one more component to fail…

No because its the time it takes for the router to fully boot then acquire a cellular signal that’s painful.
Picture a smartphone in airplane mode. You wake it from standby disable airplane mode and in seconds you’ve got email incoming.

Thats what I want standby + (on multi modem devices) airplane mode (leaving one modem ready for sms to enable it so airplane mode on three out of four modems on a HD4)

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I see what you mean.
Maybe with the new SMS commands, there could be a way in the future to have a modem connected to cellular network but data connection disabled so that the device is offline for internet but can still accept a SMS into it to bring it the data connection online. Then you would also have to figure out how to bring the modems online from a local devices command.
Have you measured the power usage difference on an HD4 in the following three states; All consumers disabled (WIFI, cellular modems), All modems enabled and connected to cellular network but not passing traffic, All modems connected and passing traffic at around 10Mbps.
I might set this test up tomorrow on an HD4 LTE.