Low Cost Switches


Peplink’s currents switches look awesome but for most of my customers, the price point is too high - although reasonable for what they offer. Are there any plans for a budget line of switches with free or low cost incontrol management? No need for the hardware warranty - just low cost incontrol access.


I very much doubt it. Peplink switches are already low cost if you look at where they provide cost savings (remote management, low staff training requirement, high POE budgets, reliability etc).

If you need cheap, buy a cheap switch from somewhere else (I use netgear switches all the time for tight budget installs), but don’t expect to get all the high end advanced IC2 integrated capabilities for a low budget price - the two are not compatible.


Hello @joshua,
We are with @MartinLangmaid on this and also where Peplink currently does not have a switch to fit then what we are using for the customer is normally a Netgear (there professional range, not consumer) or industrial switches (used in electrical switch boards & with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)), we will use Peplink everywhere we can for the same reasons Martin does, the ongoing cost savings around reliability, remote management & easy of bringing IT Departments up to speed quickly out-ways the costs of going cheep.

We are seeing a pattern forming where IT departments are saving having to employee additional staff and others are taking on new staff due to the easy to up skill the new staff, both are due to migrating over to Peplink, both have positive cost benefit to the companies and the customers.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: