Loss of VLAN feature completely from 7.02 Firmware update Pepwave 3Soho

I’ve just upgraded the firmware on my Pepwave Soho 3 and it looks like the VLAN facility has been removed completely! This is not at all funny, as we need to have a guest wi-fi network on it’s own isolated subnet versus the main Office which is exactly what we had with 7.01, I have of course re-set the router too and was beginning the manual configuration all over again. Have Pepwave decided to remove this feature so they can sell it as a feature key add in, in this version of the Firmware? Any ideas? Thanks Tereza

This feature was not removed. Did you enable the VLAN option via the blue question mark? Thanks

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On the previous version there were two VLAN’s there and you could enable/disable them. Now there are none and no options to get any, unless I’m missing something? Where is the Blue question mark? Thanks so much

Found it! Thank you. On the previous version the VLAN’s were already created and showing, but on this Firmware they were not. It’s O.K. but I’m not sure a ? up in the top left is the first place I’d look! Now need to do some tagging.

Quick question, is there a setting to limit the number of logins and ‘lock it out’ for a while to protect against a bruteforce attack?

This was added in firmware version 7.0.1 and we will automatically temporarily block any IP address with too many failed login attempts. Thanks

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Thanks but I have disbled the account management service so this firewall is completely isolated from any external access and is therefore running in ‘solo mode’. Obviously at one level this is ultra secure as even Pepwave cannot reach it (not that I don’t trust you, but I sure as hell don’t trust the NSA and their warrants) :slight_smile: So within the build in 7.02 Firmware I now have how do I control brute force attacks (LAN side/MitM LAN). I have already only allowed access to the firewall from one of the two LANS (the one that doesn’t sport any wi-fi connectivity). Call me paranoid, but I like to close things up pretty tightly from a security point of view :slight_smile: So, is there a built in policy? Or can I have control of it and activate it? Or do I have to re-enable the web link to Pepwave management to achieve? Thanks so much