Loss of Remote Access to Web Admin (and other services)


I need a hand in troubleshooting an issue involving the recent loss of access to a my server. What I am seeing is rather odd…

Access via the LAN and WAN (static) IP address to the Peplink web admin works fine while I am at home. However, using the same WAN address fails when done on the road. Alternatively, using the LAN and WAN (static also) address of my other ISP works locally and remotely. I have checked into all the settings that I can see and even done the basic restart of all equipment without any change.

The only two details that I can think of that might give a clue to the problem is that my primary ISP link is given to me dynamically, but has a static IP for remote connections. Sure enough, this is indicated in all of the settings. The second oddity is that the IP address that comes up via any standard online trace is my secondary ISP on the Peplink configuration list (both ISP’s are always on).

Otherwise, both ISP connections work together or independently from home. It is just the remote access to my primary ISP static address that is the problem.

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Dr. Z.


Yes if it is a true static public IP address of one of your WANs, you should be able to go to that address anywhere. Otherwise if it was a Static Dynamic you would have to create a DYN DNS or alike to be able to access it remotely. To troubleshoot further, please open a support ticket here: http://cs.peplink.com/contact/support/