Loss free data transfers of over 100 Gigabytes per hour using Peplink SpeedFusion

Hello Peplink team & Peplink Colleagues,
Not many people get to push a manufactures entry level products to its limits on a regular basis for there customers, though this is what were doing recently with the Peplink Balance ONE.

We were running for one of our customers two Balance ONE routers with both the 5WAN & SpeedFusion Licences using four WANs directly wired to each other on private links.

  • WAN#1-North linked directly to WAN#1-South
  • WAN#2-North linked directly to WAN#2-South
  • WAN#3-North linked directly to WAN#3-South
  • WAN#4-North linked directly to WAN#4-South

All of these links are private radio/microwave links, each site (North & South) mirror each other with internet access and equipment running in a High Availability (HA) Disaster Recover (DR) setup.

We initially thought the throughput limitation would be an issue, though we managed to get consistently over 100 Gigabytes (100 Megabytes) per hour through the system.

So Peplink’s specifications for the Balance ONE with SpeedFusion is published as being 80mbps (megabits per second), yet measured over time (rather than spontaneously) we were getting an average of 230mbps, that is a whopping 2.8 (280%) plus times better than expected.

We kept an eye on this to see how it went and it was consistent, spontaneous results verses long term results, we know what we prefer to look at and use to assess a solution.

Our customer still wanted a 1Gbps solution, though with these sort of results we were able to put forward a great solution for them on a more manageable budget using a Balance 580 instead of a Balance 1350.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thanks Marcus!

I hope you don’t mind a few questions:grin:
I would really appreciate if I could know more about this.

-Was that a Balance1 or Balance1 core?
-What firmware were you running?
-Was the outbound policy & routing sending all traffic over the Speedfusion?
-Was Speedfusion encryption on or off in this case?

Kind regards