Looking to stream 4k netflix and youtube through multiple DSL connections

Hello, I am considering the Balance 20 router. I currently have two 20Mb DSL lines coming into my house. I am looking to stream youtube and netflix 4k. Seems like the b/w requirements are close to 25Mb.

Will your balance 20 allow a single device (i.e. PC or a media device) to share bandwidth of both 20Mb to get to a 40Mb connection?

Also, I run some “smart home” devices (switches/thermostats, etc) and a Verizon network extender. Is it possible to keep these slow speed devices on a single WAN connection?

Both DSL WAN connections are the same (both 20Mb/2Mb connections). Unfortunately, CenturyLINK isn’t able to provide a 40Mb connection to my home, but they were able to provide two 20Mb connections.

Currently I am running a Cisco RV320 and the dual wan options appear to be limited. Also, sometimes I see aggregate bandwidth and other times I don’t. Hoping the Peplink device is a bit more consistent.


The Balance 20 is a session-based load balancer allowing you to put both connections in the same box to increase the overall bandwidth and instant fail-over & fail-back. In the case of a video stream this would come across one of the connections, not both at the same time. Your streaming speed would be limited to 20Mbps in your case.

True bandwidth bonding is a part of our SpeedFusion VPN technology available on the Balance 210 and above. This is a site-to-site VPN technology and requires a Peplink Balance 210 or higher at each location. More info here:

thanks for the reply. Yea, I understand that it’s session based. I’ve read that netflix uses multi-threads. Would your router navigate multi-threads over multi-connections?

The video stream itself only comes across one thread, any other threads would just be a communication channel between the device and Netflix.