Looking For Suggestions

Currently I have a Balance One and several AP’s within our office and the system works great. We just developed another building that is across the road from us (about 150ft) and I can’t run any physical connections across. In lieu of having another service brought into that location what would be the best way to “extend” my network to serve the building across the street? I would like to use a Peplink product, but I’m open to whatever is the best route.

Thanks in advance.

You could use a Ubiquiti nanostation bridge to do a layer transparent bridge across. That would be my first choice. Likely a pair of Loco5AC’s UISP airMAX LiteBeam 5AC XR - Ubiquiti Store


If you want to stick with Peplink Pepwave products then I would go with an AP One Flex and then across the street use a Device Connector IP55.

This can all be done at layer two so all devices across the street will be on the same network. Thanks


Thanks for the replies. I’ll look into those options.

Hello @jakebdb56,
There are a plethora of PtP (Point to Point) linking options out there. @MartinLangmaid has mentioned one brand, you can also use the Cambium ePMP range or the Mimosa range & Siklu range (all brands offering varying pricing and features to be considered), these are all bands we currently work with. We have previously worked with other brands (including Ubiquiti), though have moved away from those for various reasons. @Tim_S has mentioned the Peplink way and this also works well for keeping everything within the same ecosystem.

I suggest you engage with your Local Certified Peplink Partner, they most likely will have someone on their team who is familiar with PtP Links.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: