Looking for RV peplink system installers

We take delivery of our new-to-us Class A in a few weeks. It currently has NO internet. None! We are going on the road full time and connectivity is important for us.
After hours of videos and reading I know that I want Peplink equipment.
We will be using 2 cell providers as well as a mobile Starlink.
Any recommendations for installers?
They MUST know what they are doing (not just routers etc., but cutting holes in roofs for antenna mounts, clean cable routing, etc.)

Hi Jim. Welcome to the forum!
Where are you based? Which country and region?


I am a certified RV Tech currently, and my previous career, which spanned over 35 years, was as a Network Architect, Engineer and Installer. Being on the road as a full-time RVer, I now do RV Maintenance & Repair as well as custom RV Network & Starlink installations. My first install was on my own 5th wheel and you can find the video here. Semi-Permanent Starlink install on a Riverstone 39RKFB 5th Wheel

My process for installing has become more refined having now installed several Gen2 and Gen3 Starlinks - some stand alone and others with Peplink Balance 20x and Balance One.

Depending on where you are located I may be able to help you. You can request service & a free assessment at http://travelmorerv.com

I’m considering a starlink mobile solution for on-the-go use. Based on your experience, does this solution have good performance while driving or should I just used cellular connectivity for my travels?


I would recommend Legacy Coach 214-538-1966 legacycoach.com if you are in TX ask for Brandon, they install a lot of Peplinks