Looking for recommended upgrade

The small business I do consulting for has had a Balance 20 for about five years now. But I think they have outgrown it. They started with DSL, on-prem Exchange and traditional phones. Now they have cable internet, Office 365, and just switched to VOIP phones. And they’ve added a few AP Ones as well. And their staff has increased to about 30. And of course the pandemic has led to more remote access and virtual meetings, including a weekly staff meeting. About 15 are on site, but they all do the meeting from their desks.

I have been monitoring the router via SNMP and have seen the CPU hit 80-90% on a regular basis. Today during their meeting, data collection actually cut out and the meeting was choppy. They’ve also had some cutouts on their VOIP phones.

I’m looking at the Balance product line. The 20X seems to be the best performing of the group. Based on the comparison, it appears to perform better than the $1000 models.

Would the 20X meet their needs? Is there another Peplink product that would better meet their needs?


  • Steve

Hi clevelas,

You may find this comparison useful: Peplink.com - Model Comparison. I guess it could also depend on your LAN/WAN/Cellular requirements too.

They haven’t used the dual wan option yet. I was using the comparison table. I’m surprised the 20x seems to beat all but the top end options. I assume it’s just because it’s the newest option.

I guess I mainly want to make sure I’m not missing other products that might be better or missing some caveat of the 20x that will bite me later.

Only things I can think of is no WIFI WAN (don’t know why seems a shame) and you need the device to have an active primecare subscription (free first year) for the Speedfusion bonding features.

Our suggestion would the Balance 310x.

It has additional a cellular WAN. This would be an advantage form companies who need to be always connected. You also mentioned that they just switching to VoIP phones. If there is no switch, this traffic will also go through the device itself adding to the CPU load. And if you want to take advantage from newest firmware feature, another added load for the CPU.

ADVANTESCO teams loves the Balance 310x :slight_smile: