Looking for managed switch that can run on 12v input and do PoE+ output

I’m looking for a switch for my RV that can run on 12v input. I need it to do PoE+ output to power at least one access point. I also need to be able to do VLAN tagging.

I see PSW-8-240W-RUG which shows terminal block voltage of 12-56, so it seems to be able to run on 12v input, but what’s not clear is if it can power PoE+ while running on the 12v input. I believe it would have to include a voltage booster in order to do this.

I intend to pair this with my Max Transit Cat-18 and want to be able to have a full network running on 12v.

Take a look at this brand. Tycon

Depending on your needs, you might want to consider a 12v PoE injector.

Just get a 48V Voltage boost / regulator like Amazon Link to power the switch and you’ll be fine.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll take a look at those for sure. It’d still be nice to know if the switch is already designed to handle a 12v input.

@Phil_Uithoven, data sheet link here - https://download.peplink.com/resources/peplink_switch_rugged_datasheet.pdf
The terminal block can handle anywhere from 12-54V
Fine print says the device needs atleast 48v to power any sort of poe from any switch device
So the switches are unable to internally up-convert the voltage without some intervention.

If you are looking to standardize all the power, and willing to spend a little more money Peplink, makes a PMU that can take care of everything all in one unit. Here’s the link for that - https://www.peplink.com/products/iot-sd-pmu-pdu/


That’s what I was looking for, thanks!