Looking for advice on which model I would need

Hi everyone, bit confused with all the models as they seem really similar in some cases. I just had 2 questions:

  1. Which model would you recommend if all I need is the ability to have 2 LTE SIM card slots, where SIM 1 is active until 100GB is used, then it disconnects and then SIM 2 comes on? It will connect into a Fortigate 90D firewall. Just needs the most basic model that can do that, with no bonding or load balancing strictly active/standby.

  2. With the BR1 models, they show no on the list of features for SpeedFusion Bonding, but the HD2 models show yes. Am I right to assume that the BR1 can’t bond at all, but if connected to FusionHub or a certain Balance models, it could at least do Hot Fail over? Where as if I wanted to actually bond 2 SIMs together for more bandwidth I’d need a HD2 model with FusionHub or a Balance etc to actually bond it?

Thanks so much!

Hello psychobunny,

With the BR1 you should be able to use the redundant SIM slot and have SIM A cut out after the 100 GB of data, switching to slot/card B. erikwong posted here showing how you can utilize the redundant SIM slot.

Because the BR1 only has the redundant SIM slot and not a second SIM module, you wouldn’t be able to use cellular bonding. It does work very well for a Hot Fail over. If you wanted to do bonding you’d need to get the HD2, or any of the Pepwave devices that have at least two cellular modules.


Thank you!

Quick question actually, what would the difference be then between getting the Balance 30 LTE or the BR1 if this is for an office and not moving anywhere?

Are you wondering about anything in particular? Here is the specs page for the all of our Balance Series and for all of our BR1 models. Both of these pages offer an in-depth look at both devices.

Balance Specs:

BR1 Specs:

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