Looking for a way to mount my ACW-511 SIM Extender

The device is made to fit into a mount but I cannot find one anywhere which seems pretty odd. I am not sure how to mount it without a face-plate of some sort, not even a way to mount it to a 19" rack. You can tell by the picture its meant to have the SIM holder part go thru an opening in a face-plate and has screw holders to fix it in place to that same face-plate. I tried making one from a plastic project box but I really needs to be a something like an L bracket with the slots and holes cut in it. Not being able to but something made for this device seems a bit Mind Boggling… -Bill


Hi Bill,

check this article from Slinghshot6 showing how they used SIM Extenders with HD4 - very inspiring :slight_smile:

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Very nice, just what I need, but they are not for sale anywhere I can find. So, stirred up a bit more aggravation aimed at Peplink!

It was built to mount into the PDX case and then sold to customers to let them build their own interesting stuff.

Consider me found - how many do you need? :slight_smile: Or rather what do you need exactly?

Am sure we can either get the drawings together for someone close to you to laser cut something custom - or if there is enough interest I’ll get something made in volume and put it on an online shop for sale.


Peplink actually publish the drawing for the mounting holes. And I just got back from HD with some aluminum angle iron as I figured there would be no way to have it designed, built and sold before I hit the road in a bit over a week. Literally anyone who buys one of these needs one. There is no other way to mount the thing. I bet a it could easily be made with a 3D printer if a person knew how to get a drawing into one of them. Alas, selling them on eBay for $20 would be a nobrainer, and no competition that I can find.

I made a crude holder, let me know if you are ever able to make something that’s functional and looks good too, I will buy one when I get back from my 6 month trip!
I just cut a short lenght of 3/4" Aluminum angle and crudely notched it with a hacksaw and drilled in a couple holes. One thing I hadn’t noticed was there is an LED that I believe you would want to drill a hole for to enable seeing it. Luckily my crude notch was so big I am able to see the green light. Thanks Bill. Still hard to believe someone isn’t selling a simple L bracket notched and drilled just for this already.

For how many injectors? Just the one? How are you wanting to mount it? In a 19" rack?

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Just a single one. Not going into a 19" rack. Its just screwed down into a wooden face frame. If only I owned a bridgeport…