Long Range Antennas


I purchased my Pepwave SOHO because it was said to have excellent WiFi range. Unfortunately, I find it just a bit worse than my old Cradlepoint MBR-95, which is very disappointing. Thinking about adding some higher gain antennas, but have been unable to find anything recommended by Pepwave. Any suggestions?


Hi Slabman,

You only want a Wifi antenna right ? Also keep in mind things as other electronical devices near the router or stuff like metal will degrade your WIFI signal.


I’m looking for anything to increase range. Can’t do much about asking it to go through walls, etc, because that’s where the laptop is located. The Cradlepoint did this better…???

So if a longer range antenna will work, I’m all over it. I thought I read there was a long range antenna available, but now can’t seem to find one.


Hi @slabman,

Have you tried tweaking the radio settings of the Surf SOHO?
You can edit the WiFi channel, output power and even enable an extra boost.

As far as I know you can only do this via InControl 2 under WiFi AP > SSID and Radio Settings.


Yup, I have the " max boost" turned on for both radios and switched channels to be different from those around me. Still, the Cradlepoint performed better.


We can supply you with dual band WiFi antennas, 5 dBi gain on 2.4 GHz and 7 dBi gain on 5 GHz.
Peplink doesn’t state the power of their supplied dual band WiFi antennas at the Surf SOHO specifications unfortunatly, so I’m not sure what the difference in gain will be.

The problem is that these dual band antennas are quite big (39 centimetres tall) and rather expensive because they are sold by the piece.


I tried the Linksys WRT High Gain antennas. Works great with new ac SOHO model… While not techie enough to quantify signal improvement, I did notice that Wifi-as-WAN option drew in many more SSIDs than stock antennas, Not cheap, sold in 2paks o 4paks ($67 on amazon).