Long Navigation on a BR1 Mini

We have a client that uses a centralized program for their GPS tracking for fleet vehicles. I have turned on the GPS forward in my Pepwave Mini, but I can only send by Compact Velocity or Positional Velocity.
I have been told by the programmer they need Long Navigation sent to them for processing.
How can I send the GPS data via Long Navigation instead of Compact Velocity?

@infotelsystems, do you think a message conversion (PV to LN) will help?

Below is the LN and PV message structure for your references.

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I will send this to them and see if it can help. Thank you!

The programmers do not want to do conversion. Is there any way to make the pepwaves send Long Navigation?

@infotelsystems, can you help to confirm which Long Navigation fields are mandatory to be available for your system processing?

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I can confirm the client I am working with needs Long Navigation for their system to process.