Login to WiFi “portal”

When traveling, WiFi often requires me to login to a portal “ tengointernet, hotel, Starbucks, etc”

what is the proper procedure to login with a pepwave max br1?

I found an entry, that suggests disabling all but 2.4 WiFi, then connect to WiFi service. Then on each client, you must enter the password and secret code. But that seems cumbersome… t

all suggestions are appreciated

No answers I take it?

Nope, nothing.

I did find that you can disable all devices, then add 2.5 WiFi, then you can login. then re-add your cell connection

does that make sense?

That’s something. Thanks!

  1. Move wifi wan to priority 1 - make sure its the only one there and everything else is lower priority.
  2. Disable health check on Wifi WAN
  3. On a device connected to the LAN of the BR1 (wifi or wired) go to acces sthe internet.
  4. You will see the captive portal from the public WIFI login
  5. Now all devices connected to the LAN of the BR1 should have internet access.
  6. Remember to enable health check on wifi WAN so when you move away from the public WIFI your cellular WAN kicks in again.
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