Login third party splash page with Surf On The Go

We recently purchased a Surf On-the-Go for our RV. It works like a charm in RV parks that are password controlled. However, we have encountered a few parks that have either open wifi or password protected wifi but with a kicker: They require not only a password (which is easy to enter into our Surf), but then to access a landing page and accept the terms of use. I can’t get my Surf OTG to access the landing page. If I use my phone or Android pad to log on to the wifi connection, the operating system automatically pulls up the landing page. However, the Surf does not. What do I need to do to connect the surf to the landing page so that wifi access is established?


This is not supported at the moment since there is an option for you to check in order to accept the terms of use.

I will move this thread to Feature Request.