Login screen when accessing the web?

I just installed a peplink at a client’s location on one of their WAN2 ports.

When they tested WAN2, they said when they tried to go to a website, they had to click through a Peplink “welcome” type page.

I’ve never experienced this before. Any idea what it could be and how to disable it?


Sounds like a captive portal. Ask them to screenshot it.
Captive portal could be being pushed from InControl2 perhaps? Is it a new Peplink device?

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It is new.
It’s also the first one that I didn’t login to locally myself before deploying.
I did all the config from IC2.

They said “It looked like a welcome page like when you log into a hotel’s wifi.”

Sounds like captive portal to me.
If you go to the device details view in IC2 where the LAN details are shown on the right is there an icon of an open door with an arrow like this:

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