Log events for speedfusion latency cutover


Not sure everyone will want these always logged, so possibly a control for it, but I would like to see event logs when high latency/packet loss causes speedfusion to jump to priority 2 path (cell in my case), including specific reason. i.e. “Speedfusion tunnel COLUMBUS switch to pri 2 (cellular) due to WAN latency 825 ms, over cutoff of 400ms.”
Then again when it goes back. Possibly track amount of data “rerouted”?
I know that using this feature makes the pepwave consume more cellular data. but no way to know exactly why. These log events would be very useful in beating ISPs over the head when they say “Duhhh. I don’t know. It is clean now. I am closing this ticket”


Agree. I like to see this kind of event logs too.

Actually we are trying to achieve this already, but we are working on reduce the storage requirement on those low end devices, especially when the events are happening frequently. Stay tuned.


Can the events be logged to incontrol and the device only stores the last day or so?

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I would say, if we say detail even for 48 hours, or some limit on number of log entries that would be enough.



+1 from us on this request. It’s a good idea.

Incidentally what packet type and size is used by the WAN cutoff ‘health-check’ to measure the WAN latency ?


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