Locked out of WebUI after creating VLAN

I created a VLAN for isolation. Shortly after doing so am logged out of the webui. It says that I am timed out and I am not able to access What am I doing wrong?

Your connection changed to the new VLAN, e.g. if you defined the port that you were connected to as being an access port for the new VLAN. Your new VLAN prohibits access to the other LANs? So you got booted out because you locked your access to the network.

Try accessing the IP address of the router as you defined it in the new VLAN (unless you locked that down as well), or connect using a mode that provides you with access to the untagged LAN (I.e., in your case).



Just creating a VLAN does nothing, it could not have locked you out. Until the VLAN is assigned to either a LAN port or a WiFi SSID, it only sort-of, maybe, kinda exists.

Are you sure the router is at

If you are using Ethernet to talk to the router, try a different LAN port. If using WiFi, try a different SSID. Or maybe just power off the router and power it back on. That never hurts :slight_smile:

I feel my issues has to do with what you have mentioned here. To be clear. When I create a new VLAN: Network>LAN>Network Settings>IP Settings> IP Address : Does this ip address become the new url that I enter to access the webui?

Yes I am sure of the IP address. I tried different land ports but it didn’t help.

That you created a VLAN is not the problem. It can’t be. Think what else was recently changed.

If you are using Ethernet, there should be blinking lights on both the LAN side Ethernet port of the router and probably in the Ethernet port of your computer (not all computers have small LEDs on the Ethernet ports). These LEDs show you that the physical connection is working. Are they on?

If using WiFi, use a WiFi scanner to see if the SSIDs are being broadcast.

And power off the router, wait a minute and power it back on. Never hurts.

Also try to ping the router. Does that work?

I appreciate the time you are taking to offer possible solutions but I am waiting on Zegors response as I feel he nailed exactly what the problem is. If his solution doesn’t work I will respond again to your message. Thanks again.

Michael is correct when he responds

if that is the only thing you did.


or similarly, assigned the new VLAN to the SSID that you are connecting to, then the protection you set up for the VLAN (you prohibited inter-VLAN routing, right?) means that you cannot reach the untagged LAN from the “secure” VLAN that you are connected to.

E.g., as in this example (from a MAX Transit device), a new IoT VLAN at

with the LAN port for connection by wire is assigned to the IoT VLAN:

(or similarly for the SSID you are connected to).

If that is your case, then connections to will be blocked (as it is inter-VLAN routing), but access to (in my example) will be allowed, and you would access the web UI at that address.



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Thank you. I am going to give this another try. I am sure it has to do with the IP address. I thought I could still use but that is not the case.

I got it to work. The IP address you enter for the new VLAN becomes the new url to access the webui. That was my problem. Thank you for your help Zegor.