Lock in Tower Connection?

I have Max-br1 that I connect to Verizon. When it first boots up the speed is blazing. But it switches towers and then I lose a lot of speed.

I reboot and I am good for from an hour to a day.

I am not moving the unit or antenna. Is there a way to keep it “locked” on a tower or stop it from switching over to a different tower?


HI wickvegs,

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Cellular WANs are only able to tell the towers what channel they communicate at. The towers handle the rest of the connection. So you will not be able to lock the unit to a specific tower, unless you’re connecting to a channel that isn’t used by the other towers nearby towers.


wickvegs, I’m curious how do you know from the BR1 that it is switching to a different cell tower?

Also when it switched to the different cell tower, does it switch to a different band or stay on the same band? The advice above was my first thought – if it switched to a slow band, uncheck that problem band and see if that helps.

Another thought would be to use a directional or yagi antenna pointed at the good cell tower.

I purchased 2 Poynting LPDA-92-04 High Gain LTE Antenna’s and set them up in Mimo config (45 degree and 135 degree) and when the Pepwave reboots it just screams. Tripled my download; quadrupled my upload.

Anywhere from 1 hour to a couple of days later I notice a significant drop in speed. I use Speedtest to check the speed and it connects to the nearest server. When it boots it connects me to Omaha. When I check when the speed drops, it will show closest server to be Des Moines, Wichita Kansas, even Minnesota.

I also have 2 factor authorization turned on in Facebook. When I login it will prompt me on my mobile and say “Did you just login near Omaha?”. Later it will say “Did you just login near Des Moines?”, etc.

I have turned off band 4 and only have it select to band 13. Where I live, band 4 has always been way to slow and I do not get the same speeds.

Hi! Can someone from Peplink confirm if this is still not a supported feature? Thanks!