Location of Cell ID as provided by InControl2 | Wan Quality | Cellular x

My issue – Using InControl2 - I am reading the Wan Quality graph for cell modems.
If you fly your cursor along the graph – a box of details shows the various parameters.
One of those listed is a Cell ID:

I would like to see where that Cell ID is on a map.

The IDs listed on Cellmapper.net – don’t align with the IDs provided by

Any suggestions?



I don’t believe there’s a way match up the data from IC2 with cellmapper (this would be a good feature request). However, if you have access to the web admin, you can view the “UTRAN Cell ID” in the Cellular WAN details. It is hidden by default so you need to click the help text button for “detailed engineering data.” The “UTRAN Cell ID” corresponds to the “Cell Identifier” in cellmapper.


Hello Mbrook,

That works!!!
Very helpful.


Can you please share how yo were able to get the tab/popup of the cell 186 windows to show up? Im assuming your double clicked on the UTRAN Cell ID ? I tried this as well and nothing shows up for specifics on the signal like your “Cell 186” window does.