Local peplink discovery via dns entry

I’m writing a tool, and wondering if peplink supports a local dns entry for discovery.
I don’t want to have to set this up ahead of time.
Something baked into the firmware like router.local

For the MAX BR1 Pro 5G I have here: In the upper-right corner of the web admin pages there’s something like “product-name-xxxx,” where “xxxx” is a four-digit hex value. If I query the DNS server on the device for that hostname, e.g.: “nslookup max-br1-pro-ffff” (the IP address being the default IP address of the modem), it returns a non-authoritative answer.

If I add the modem’s IP address to my /etc/resolv.conf file (I don’t know where or what the equivalent is in MS-Windows, if that’s what you’re using) I can run the same nslookup query w/o having to specify the server.

Doesn’t sound like that meets your requirements, though.

I ran an MDNS/Bonjour discovery tool whilst connected to the MAX BR1 Pro 5G I have here. It came up bupkis.

That’s close , but hoping for it to be more generic like some other manufactures.
For example netgear does something like routerlogin.net
How do I set static Domain Name System servers on my NETGEAR router? - NETGEAR Support

Near as I can tell: All that’s doing is setting the DNS server(s) used by the router?

I think it resolves locally when it has no internet to go to the local ip.
@sitloongs If there a local dns name that can resolve to the peplink router?

We do support local DNS option , please check the attached screenshot. Is this something that you are looking at ?

They are after a default hostname for the Peplink device itself- something that any/every Peplink would respond to on the local network (ie you can plug in to a new Peplink and it would respond to “peplink.local” for example).

ok I think what I need is:
captive-portal.peplink.com to resolve to the local lan ip when shipped.
Then I have both a local dns entry to go to and a matching https cert.
Can this be added to 8.3 onwards.
captive-portal.peplink.com or whatever the default ip is for that model?

@sitloongs any update on this?