Local mgmt ac mini - login

Hi All,
I stopped my subscription to incontol2.
When logging into my Ac Mini’s - what credentials do I use? My incontrol2 ones do not work on my ac mini via local mgmt.


Each device has local authentication that would have been setup at the initial configuration/installation time. You could check that maybe the defaults were never changed. IC2 is a separate cloud interface where username/password is IC2 server managed. The 2 are not the same.

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If you don’t know the admin password you will need to do a factory reset, and start with the default password. Assuming you don’t have more than a handful of devices, these are pretty simple to set up from factory configuration.

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Thanks, I’m guessing there might be a password on the underneath of the ac minis, i’ll get a ladder tomorrow and have a look. Cheers.