Local managment without incontrol license.

Hello all,

Im coming from the world of cradlepoint and wanting to get some more info on the capabilities before purchasing.

the main issue i have with cradlepoint is that the take away alot of functionality for people who want to locally manage the router without a netcloud license. Is that the case with peplink?

Peplink routers can be managed without InControl2. If you’re planning on keeping your devices under warranty though, InControl2 is included in the cost of the Care Plans from Peplink. The only thing close to what you’re describing from Cradlepoint would be on the PrimeCare Models. On those, you’ll want to ensure you’re keeping the PrimeCare subscription current or you will lose some of the more advanced features of the routers like SpeedFusion bonding, WAN smoothing, etc. The trade off there is that the upfront cost of PrimeCare devices is less. Non-Primecare models are available though as well so it becomes a matter of preference.