Local DNS not working

Just trying to get some local naming on my LAN to resolve to IP addresses. Did it easily in my last router, but I can’t seem to get PepWave Max-BR1 to resolve names.

Here’s what I did:

In Network/DNS Proxy Settings, I checked Enable and put several entries into the Local DNS Records:

I saved and applied these changes. In various computers on my LAN, I cannot now use these names (Host1, Host2). I get an “unknown host” response. For example, ping Host1 gets “unknown host”, yet ping works fine.

Is there something additional that I need to do to make this work?


Hi Chris,

Please configure full FQDN and test again. For example:-

I already tried this, but perhaps I didn’t do it correctly. For each of the Local DNS Records in the MAX-BR1 Network/DNS Proxy Settings screen, I entered a FQDN in the form that you suggested. I just made up a domain name that, coincidentally, was identical to what you suggested above: Host1:mydomain.com. It didn’t work. Should I have configured mydomain somewhere else as well? The Max-BR1 is the only thing on my network that knows that name. Do I have to tell hosts about it?

Hi Chris,

Please ensure clients use BR1 LAN IP as DNS. If this is your existing setup and still not working, please open ticket for us to check further. Please enable Remote Assistance for BR1 when you open ticket.

Thank you.

Thanks much. Problem was that clients had wrong DNS server address due to “Assign DNS server automatically” not checked in DHCP server config. With this fixed, I can use simple non-fully qualified domain names like host1, host2, etc. in my Local DNS Records, and the clients find the host addresses fine. (Had to flush old DNS config in Linux clients with “sudo dhclient eth0” and then they picked up the router’s address for DNS.)

Great to hear that! :up: