Local DNS behaviour

I think i may misunderstand local DNS on the balance.

All my clients use the balance as their primary DNS.

If I have a webpage that is hosted locally, I would think that if I set up a local DNS entry for the system that hosts it that the clients would use that address. I am finding that does not happen. They are still resolving to the “public” DNS entry for the IP.

Is that correct behavior? Does local DNS only work if the client is looking up an IP that does not exist in public DNS?


Just wanted to confirm that you have applied the settings and waited a few seconds (about 20-30 for config reload). If you just save the entry, it is not applied yet. It should be working the way you are expecting – it shouldn’t be querying DNS on the internet for entries in the local DNS.


Tested and it work expected.

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Thanks for the replies. This is a bit bizarre. I just let it sit overnight, tested it this morning and still have the same result. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going wrong.

it works for any entry that does not have a public record. If there is a public record it returns that record instead of the local one. Kind of stumped here. it seems to be doing the exact opposite of what i expect.

@sitloongs it looks like your GUI has an extra field - is that TTL? Mine doesn’t have that. ??DNS1 DNS2

What is the model and the firmware version running for your device ?

I just do another test using SOHO MK3 device (firmware 8.1.0) and it work as expected as well. Do you applied the changes after save the newly created local DNS Records ?

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It is a Balance One Core running 8.1.0s031 build 4959.

Yes - records have been saved, changes have been applied. More testing reveals that every record appears to work, unless there is a public record for the address. I have about 30 entries in the table.

I have tracked this down to a misconfigured client. Thanks for the help and apologies for the noise.