Local AP controller "Web Admin Setting" not sticking

Locally hosted AP controller on a B2 running FW 8.1.0 build 4948 managing 3 APs.

When I go to Admin > AP > Settings > Default and open the default profile, at the bottom of the page where you can disable the web UI for each AP, the tick box is always enabled.

I’ll clear the enabled tick box, hit save, then hit apply changes for the whole B2 router.

I’ll allow some time to pass for the APs to sync up, then I’ll head back into the Admin > AP > Settings > Default profile to discover that the “enabled” tick box has been re checked all by itself. The APs have correctly disabled their web UI, but the admin console re ticks the box every time I re open the settings page.

Any insight?

We encounter this web UI bug in 8.1.0. It will be fixed in 8.1.1. You may downgrade to 8.0.2 if this is urgent.

Thanks for reporting this.