Local and non-local ip addresses

I have the Peplink 305 where WAN 1 has an IP address of The ISP allows me to have 5 IPs -105. LAN 1 connected to a switch where I plug in multiple computers who get local 192.x addresses.

There is one computer connected to the switch which needs to get IP Can this be done? I do not need the peplink firewall to block any ports.

By the way, I understand how to do it by:

  • giving the computer a local IP address
  • setting up WAN 1 to bind to the the Additional IP address
  • setting up a new Server for
  • setting the firewall to allow everything from to

And all of this may be fine. I was wonder if there is a way for the computer on the switch to pull the public IP from the Peplink. Maybe this is called IP forwarding or something.


Yes, we do support IP forwarding if you need to forward a public to a inside device and not NAT.

To enable click on the (?) next to Routing Mode:

The 305 LAN 1 is connected to a switch and a handful of computers are connected to the switch who get local IP addresses. Does IP Forwarding allow for the handful of computers to get local ip addresses? I though this was only possible in NAT mode.

Or is this possible?

WAN 1 ip: run in NAT mode
WAN 1 ip: (added in the additional IP section) run in IP Forward mode

You should just let the PC get a local IP and then create a 1-1 NAT mapping.