Loadbalancing Voice and Data Traffic management

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Please should be informed that we have Peplink Balance 380 installed in the headquarter and connected to two DSL line 8 Mo , regarding to your experience with the product what is the best configuration to use Voice IP and Data (internet, mail …) at high performance .


You can prioritize application traffic by going to Network>QoS>Application. I Have included a screen shot as a example.

I Would like to thank you for your quick reapply it is a good idea ,does these the setting will apply on my two WAN interface and does ensure quality of other traffic (web browsers ,digital signatures) and why u put sip first ?


Yes this would all apply to all available WAN links. By default everything is set to Normal.

As traffic is coming in, the balance will prioritize the traffic that are set to High. It doesn’t matter what order that they are set to first or last as far putting SIP first it will be treated the same as SMTP in that regards. Basically it will prioritize the traffic based on groups. I.E. “High” “Normal” then “Low” By default all traffic is set to Normal. All other traffic not defined as “High” will be routed normally through the Balance.

In addition, you might want to consider creating a custom outbound rule for VoIP traffic based on latency results on each WAN.

The following outbound rule defines that all SIP traffic that utilizes UDP port 5060 is forwarded over to WAN1. When WAN1 goes down, WAN2 will take over.
In this case, I suppose that WAN1 has the lowest latency among other WANs.

Simply speaking, it is generally said that low latency becomes important for real-time traffic such as VoIP calls and video streaming.
Having a low latency connection is one of the key factors to deliver a positive user experience for this kind of traffic. There are some other variables that affect VoIP traffic. However, this is something that you might want to experiment.

Thank you for your support i Will update you after test